SJA Financial Advisory, LLC
The Process

The process begins with a discussion to identify your financial goals and objectives so we can determine together how best we can be of service to you.  From there, we gather all relevant financial and personal data, including tax returns, investment statements, net worth and cash flow statements, to obtain an in-depth understanding of your situation.  After a thorough review of your information, we prepare a personalized written report summarizing our analysis and recommendations. 

With a detailed report in hand, the next step is to implement our recommendations.  You can implement the plan yourself or we can help guide you through the process.  If another professional is needed, we are happy to provide a referral.  However, we do not accept any form of compensation for any referrals if you decide to work with these third parties.

Once you have a financial plan, you may decide you have what you need to navigate your financial future.  However, you may decide to return for periodic check-ups.  How and when you engage us is absolutely up to you.